Interview with Houshang Parsa, CEO of PlasticKar Factories Group

  • The story of Houshang Parsa entering the plastics and polymer industry

    Beyond success

    Benjamin Najafi / Journalist
    The world of economics – Hope and continuous effort have been the most important pillars of his success. Always tried and tried. He believes that only those who are unstoppable in their efforts and follow the path of expertise become stars on the playing field. “I always tried to be energetic and I believe that today’s work should be done today, because tomorrow is something else to be achieved,” he says. These are some of the principles that Houshang Parsa has adhered to for more than 30 years of activity and production work in the plastics industry. The concept of “success” for this entrepreneur is defined beyond the current common perceptions and ideas. Success for Parsa is not limited to getting rich, but gaining skills, expertise and, of course, maintaining business honor, is the path that he has always taken to succeed and has tried to show the path of this path to the next generation. He is concerned with the success of the younger generation and believes that producers and entrepreneurs have a responsibility and a duty to the new generation; Houshang Parsa, (CEO of “Plastic Kar” factories group) does not have much personal aspirations for himself today, ش his aspirations are for the youth of this region: I wish the laws were towards production and in the service of production. “This is very valuable for the industry and the national economy, and it will be a guarantee for the future of our youth and children.”
    Beyond success
    Mr. Engineer, to start the conversation, first tell us a little about your past. Where were you born, in what families did you grow up and how did you spend your childhood and adolescence?
    I was born in 1337 in one of the villages near Gorgan and I lived and studied in the village until I was 19 years old. My family was from the rural middle class and my father was engaged in agriculture. I started working when I was about 8 years old, I remember we sold watermelons and melons along the road. After that, at the age of 16-15, I went to a relative’s home appliance store and started working there. When the new TV came to our area, one of my tasks was to install antennas for those who bought the TV.

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