Agricultural plastic | Who is the best Iranian producer?

Agricultural plastic is very widely used

Agricultural plastic used for crop protection has aided farmers in boosting output, enhancing food quality, consuming less water, and leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Farmers have benefited for years from the expanding use of plastics in agriculture, which has increased crop production, improved food quality, and decreased environmental impact. In addition to being able to grow to produce year-round thanks to the plastic, this food is typical of higher quality than that grown in an open field.

A variety of Polymers, such as polyolefins (polyethylenes (PE), polypropylenes (PP), and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA), as well as less frequently used materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate, and polymethyl methacrylate, are used in agriculture (PMMA). In this article, you will learn about the uses of Agricultural plastic and its purchase from PlasticKar.

Agricultural Plastic
Agricultural Plastic

Agricultural plastic applications

Water can be conserved, the temperature can be maintained under covers at night, the production of some flowers can be improved by photoselective, and crops can even be planted in arid areas because of the use of various plastics in agriculture. The use of pesticides can be decreased by keeping crops in a closed space like a greenhouse or, for mulching, under a plastic film.

Plastic irrigation pipes prevent the waste of water and nutrients, rainwater can be retained in reservoirs constructed of plastic, and these measures can all be taken to reduce the use of plastics. Additionally, because the pesticides will stay attached to the plastic cover, there will be a reduction in their atmospheric emissions. Protecting crop yields is made possible in large part by pest control. In the following, we will learn about the uses of Agricultural  plastic.

Construction of a greenhouse

Intensive care units are similar to greenhouses. They allow plants to be exposed to sunlight and grow under ideal conditions that correspond to their physiological characteristics. In fact, using greenhouses gives farmers the chance to provide the ideal environmental conditions that plants need for quicker and safer growth, to prevent extreme temperatures, and to shield crops from harmful external conditions.

Low tunnels

Another one of the most important uses of Agricultural plastic is its use in the construction of low tunnels. The only differences between low tunnels and greenhouses are their complexity and height. The most frequently grown crops in tunnels include asparagus, watermelon, strawberries, etc.

covering the ground with plastic film

As evaporation is lowered, mulching or covering the ground with plastic film (typically black, transparent, or white) aids in maintaining humidity. Additionally, it keeps the plant’s roots from coming into contact with the ground, improves the plant’s thermal conditions, and stops weeds from spreading and vying for nutrients and water with the intended plant.

plastic irrigation systems

Water management greatly benefits from the use of plastic irrigation systems and reservoirs together. Water can be distributed via pipes, drip irrigation systems, and water circulation systems, and it can be stored in dams covered in plastic to prevent leaks.

Silage making

Another example of how plastics can be useful in agriculture is the creation of silage, which was originally designed to preserve straw and grains for animal feed over the winter. Silage is typically stored in plastic films because they are durable and allow for simple transportation and long-term storage of the contents.

Agricultural plastic is very widely used
Agricultural plastic is very widely used

Other uses of Agricultural plastic

Other uses for plastic include boxes, crates for harvesting, handling, and transporting crops, fittings and spray cones for irrigation systems, tapes to hold aerial parts of plants in greenhouses, and even nets to shade the interior of greenhouses or lessen the impact of hail.

Why should we buy Agricultural plastic from PlasticKar?

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High-quality plastic products

Despite Agricultural plastic’s extremely affordable price, we only use the best raw materials to make our products. In actuality, all of our products are in compliance with international standards and have received approval from more than 17 different nations. Because of this, you can feel confident in the caliber of our agricultural plastic.

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Who is the best Iranian producer?
Who is the best Iranian producer?

PlasticKar is the best producer of Agricultural plastic in Iran

When it comes to commitment, high-quality products, and reasonable prices, the name PlasticKar is always shining. By buying Agricultural plastic from our company, you can buy these products at a very reasonable price and sell them in your country with a high profit. To know the price of our products and also to place an order, you can contact our experts through different methods such as email or phone.