Construction films

Construction films

فیلم های ساختمانی

PE Films are widely used in construction and building industries such as:

  • Wide PE filmfor general purpose.
  • Polyethylene Encasement (Tubular PE Protection) which are used in construction industries to protect underground pipes in corrosive soils.
  • Foundation film or concrete films.
  • Vapor Barrier film which are mainly used as a thermal and moisture insulation for the building foundation, in order to prevent the quick evaporation of concrete moisture and allow the concrete to harden and gain the required strength.
  • PE Geo-membrane for Pool and Asphalt Insulation, used as a protection layer to prevent salt (generally found in saline soil) and moisture penetration.


Wide PE Film (Nylon)

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فیلم های ساختمانی

Polyethylene Encasement

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Foundation Films

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Vapor Barrier Film

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