Spiral Hose

The latest type of PVC hoses are made of two parts. The soft part is made of soft PVC and the middle part is made of rigid PVC and is produced in spiral form.

These hoses are characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. For the production of spiral hoses, which are growing in consumption, rigid granules are used, which PlasticKar Company has been proud of producing and exporting for many years.


Product Name Spiral hose granules
Other Names UPVC for spiral hose
Product Code GHSP-N (Milky)
Application Spiral Hose Production
  • Production based on Global Standards
  • Production based on customer requested mechanical properties
Color Milky

Production capability in diverse colors according to customer request.

Packaging In 25 kg bags of transparent polyethylene and finally bags are packed on wooden pallets. The weight of the pallets is approximately 1250 kg. The package can be changed according to customer request.

Technical Data sheet

Product Code: GHSP-N

Application: Spiral Hose

Color: Milky (Colorless/Natural)

Form: Granule

Packaging: 25 KG PE Bag / Palletized

Storage: Dry place, away from sun shine and temperature lower than 30°C

Properties Test Method Units Typical Value
Tensile strength ASTM-D638 N/mm² 23±0.5
Elongation at break ASTM-D638 % 98±10
Gravity ASTM-D1895 G/CM^3 1.39±0.03
Hardness ASTM-D2240 Shore A 97±2
Thermal stability at 200°C ASTM-D749 MIN 70
Operating Temperature °C 80
Properties after aging 7 days at 100°C
Tensile strength ASTM-D638 N/mm² 21±0.5
Elongation at break ASTM-D638 % 80±10

Processing Conditions:

The following temperature profile is recommended as a guide line.

Barrel Temperature: (±10 °C)
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
170 180 185 190

These data, which are based on test results of major sample lots, are believed to be reliable. However, due to variation in ways of handling by consumers, recommendations are made without guarantee. These data are to be served only as a guide. The user must, by test or otherwise, determine suitability for this purpose. Our standard term and conditions of sale apply exclusively to all orders. No one is authorized by us to make oral warranties. We reserve the right to make changes without notice or obligation in our products and publications.

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