PVC granules

PVC granules

گرانول پی وی سی

Granules are materials that their dimensions are less than 3 x 3 mm. Granules refer to the appearance of the polymer and one of the most important types of polymers is PVC granule. PVC granule is a material consisting of PVC resin, plasticizer, minerals and required additives that is produced during the mixing process by compounding machines. PVC granules have a wide range of properties and are produced in the form of soft and hard granules.

Soft PVC granules:

The hardness range of soft granules is usually between 40 and 100 (Shore A). In order to reduce the hardness, certain amount of some kinds of plasticizers are used in the production of soft PVC granules.
A branch of soft PVC granules are TPE granules, which are combined with a substance called NBR to increase the elasticity of the granules. Soft PVC granules are widely used in wire and cable industries, automobiles, injection, shoes, doors and windows, etc.

Hard PVC granules (UPVC):

Due to the insignificant use of plasticizers in this type of granules, they are called hard PVC or UPVC granules. The hardness range of UPVC granules is between 40 and 90 (Shore D). These granules are usually used to produce pipe fittings, door and window profiles, ducts, shutters, etc.
PlasticKar Company, using equipped and up-to-date machines, produces and offers a variety of soft and hard PVC compounds for various applications in a wide range of industries as follows:

  • Wire, cable and electrical industries
  • Building industry
  • Shoe industry
  • Hose industry
  • Other granules


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