?What is the stretch film

?What is the stretch film

  • Today, in addition to their wide application in the daily life of people, nylons have also become an essential part of various industries.

    In this article, we will go to one of the nylon products called stretch film, which is used in the packaging industry. Stay with us until the end of this text to know what stretch film is and get enough information about it.

    What is the stretch film?

    You must have paid attention to the packaging of various materials in different industries, such as food packaging. Still, you may have yet to pay attention to its details and not know what type and why it should be used that way.

    Stretch film is one of the most widely used nylon products that allow for more economical and high-quality packaging for industrial, agricultural or food packaging.

    In fact, stretch film is the cellophane layer used in packaging some electrical appliances, soft drink bottles, etc.

    This product is wrapped around the package with the help of a stretch device to provide more protection and a better appearance and prevent dust and water from entering the product.

    Stretch is produced with modern and hygienic standard methods in factories, which must be transparent, anti-vapour and can adjust the oxygen content of the desired material.

    The best cellophane for food packaging is stretch film. Stretch film is sold in types of one to five layers and is produced in different sizes and dimensions.

    The most crucial feature of stretch film is its elasticity, which can reach four times its original length.

    This tension reduces the amount of nylon consumption and creates more strength.

    What are the methods of using stretch film?

    Manual stretch film:

    In this type of stretch film, one or more people wrap the stretch roll around the desired package, and it is usually used in baking, cooking, and garden products such as vegetables, etc.

    Since stretching is done by hand, the rolls must have a certain elasticity and softness.

    The work speed in this type of stretch film needs to be improved, and the cost of human resources increases.

    ?What is the stretch film
    ?What is the stretch film

    Machine stretch roll:

    This method uses stretch devices such as airport pallets, horizontal screw stretch devices, etc.

    Due to the use of a machine to stretch the stretch film, the thickness, length and stretch of these nylons are considered more than manual models.

    This method is more used in industries, and because the work is done automatically, it is done at a high speed in terms of pace compared to the manual method.

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    what type of film is stretch film

    Features of stretch nylon:

    The contrast of malleability with all kinds of goods

    Easy to carry and reduce shipping costs

    Protecting interests and increasing the strength of products

    Reducing the weight of the package

    Increasing the speed of the packaging process

    Not getting sunburnt

    Lack of reaction with various food and industrial products

    Advantages of using stretch film packaging

    Stretch film is widely used today; it is used both in industrial factories and in shops and homes. However, the most used stretch film is in the packaging of goods. In the following, we will name some stretch film uses to familiarize you with some of them.

    1. The use of stretch film in the packaging of the automotive and parts industry:

    The stretch film’s elasticity makes the accessories packed with the stretch film maintain their physical health and suffer less damage. That’s why automotive industries pack the spare parts they produce with stretch film. Usually, depending on the type of part, it will be determined that it should be wrapped by hand or machine with stretch film.

    2. Use of stretch film in the food industry:

    Stretch film is very effective in the food industry today. Depending on the type of food packed with stretch film, it may be necessary not to reach the air entirely and have no seams so that the food remains healthy and is protected from contamination, or it may be required for one type of food. Instead, use perforated mesh stretch film to allow air to circulate in it to maintain the quality of the food.

    3. The use of stretch film in the aluminium door and window industry:

    Today, the use of stretch film has become common in many industries. The door and window industry has remained on this trend. Stretch film is used for packaging after the work is finished so that the door and window are not dirty. As a result, the door and window are not damaged during transportation and placement between the wall. After finishing the installation work, the stretch film is removed from the door and window.

    4. The use of stretch film in the packaging of ceramic tiles:

    Stretch film has gained its place for packing tiles, ceramics and stone, and their use is common in these workshops or factories. The most important reason for using stretch film in this industry is that the packaging is cheap for factories, so they can move them more safely and efficiently without worrying about damage.

    5. The use of stretch film in the packaging of household and office appliances:

    Because the stretch film adheres well to the product, covers the products of household and office appliances, and does not allow dust to settle or damage it during handling, the quality of the goods will decrease. The stretch film makes the products look clean and new in the eyes of the customer and thus attracts his opinion.

    6. Use of stretch film in pharmaceutical industry packaging:

    Nowadays, many syringes and medicines sold in pharmacies are packed with stretch film because they are susceptible to contamination, protecting them from environmental pollution such as dust and water. And also that packaging with stretch film prevents damage to some sensitive pharmaceutical products so that it does not cause damage to the seller and that it reaches the consumer safely.

    7. Use of stretch film in toy industry packaging:

    The toy and entertainment industry is another significant customer of stretch film packaging. First, so that dust does not cause poor quality of the goods, and secondly, that the stretch film packaging protects them so that they reach the customer safely.

    8. Using stretch film in computers and accessories:

    Some peripheral parts of the computer, such as RAM, CPU, and graphic card ports, are wrapped in stretch film during packaging due to their high sensitivity to dust so that their performance, when connected to the motherboard, is not affected by contamination.

    9. Use of stretch film in wallpaper production:

    In any industry, good packaging makes the product reach its customers cleaner and healthier, and the level of satisfaction with that brand before the user increases significantly. Make old customers stick to using that product and also attract new customers. For this reason, many factories pay attention to the proper packaging of their goods.

    10. The use of stretch film in the production of pipes and hoses:

    Pipes and hoses are among the products that use stretch film for packaging to satisfy customers. Today, it is rare to find an industry where stretch film is not used for packing goods or products.

    By reading this article, you understood what stretch film is and what it is used for!

    When buying stretch film, note that a high-quality stretch film is resistant to stretching and tearing and has good adhesion.

    To buy, be sure to go to reputable centres and to get more information in this field, you can contact our experts.

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