Industrial and Packaging Bags

Industrial and Packaging Bags

کیسه های صنعتی و بسته بندی

PE bags are used in various industries for packaging purposes.

Some properties of PE films including low volume, transparency, flexibility, the ability to produce in different size, thickness and color, the ability to be printed as well as suitable sewing, which have increased the consumption of these products day by day for packaging purposes in various industries.

Utilizing multi-layer (co-extrusion) film production technology, flexographic printing (up to 6 colors), as well as sewing machines of various sizes, PlasticKar is capable of producing various types of sealed industrial bags such as:

  • Industrial bags for packaging liquids and powders: liner of jumbo bag, big bags, pallet bags and polybags;
  • Anti-static bags for packaging powders and medicine;
  • Printed rolls and bags for shopping and advertising purposes.

It is worth mentioning that we can produce industrial bags based on the customers’ requirement to meet the need of diverse industries.

PlasticKar’ s industrial bags include (but not limited to):

  • Sewing Sealed industrial bags for packaging liquids, powders and medicine.
  • Pallet bag (hood) for covering pallets, household appliances, minerals, etc.
  • Bitumen bag (polybag) with specific melting point for packaging liquid bitumen.

Low melting point bag for consumption in rubber industries


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