PE Roll (Tubing – Sleeve)

PE Roll (Tubing – Sleeve)

This product, since it is produced as a tube, is often used for packing various types of rolled-up products such as carpets, fabrics, tubes, etc., in order to cover and protect the product’s surface against dust and dirt in the environment.

If the logo / trademark of the manufacturer is printed on the PE cover, in addition to protecting the goods, the brand is advertised as well.

One of the factors that can greatly reduce the effects of UV ray on plastic pipes is the black color generated by industrial carbon black, however, since this material is not used in the production of green pipes, they are highly vulnerable to sunlight and lose physical-mechanical properties.

PlasticKar is proud to assist pipe manufacturers to eliminate this defect by producing anti-light coating for packaging tubes. This cover is made of a multi-layer PE film, which contains UV stabilizing additive and is produced in a variety of colors along with flexographic printing up to 6 colors.

It should be noted that most of the well-known green pipes manufactures and exporters, use these covers to pack their products.

Product Name PE Roll
Other Names Tubing film, Anti-light coating, Plastic cover
Application Packaging of:

  • Carpets
  • Fabrics rolls
  • Pipes
  • Ducts and profiles
  • All types rolls


  • Easily used and transported
  • High resistance to ambient conditions and corrosion
  • Possible to use in different weather conditions
  • Available in variety of widths and thicknesses
  • Possible to be produced as colorful and printed films
  • High mechanical resistance to perforation
  • Possible to add anti-static and anti-bacterial properties if required
  • Transparent with high resolution
  • Recyclabl
Thickness Based on the customer’s  request
Width Based on the customer’s  request
Color Transparent, Black
(or based on the customer’s request)
Packaging Rolls wrapped with PE film, inner core diameter is 76 mm, the core (so called bobbin) could be further supported by plastic lids on both ends of the roll


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