Agricultural films

Agricultural films

فیلم های کشاورزی

The usage of plastics in the agriculture industry is growing every day. PlasticKar is one of the leading manufacturers of agriculture films in Iran, which has been producing and supplying a wide range of Agriculture Films and Bags for many years.

These films are produced in various width and thickness using different polymeric compounds based on their application.

PlasticKar’ s agricultural films include:

  • Irrigation Roll
  • Greenhouse Film
  • Greenhouse Thermal Sheet
  • Low-Tunnel Film
  • Mulch Film
  • Soil Disinfection Film
  • Vineyard Cover
  • Banana Bunch Cove

By using a variety of additives, it possible to create specific features in agricultural films.

Some of these additives improve the product durability and life-time, while some others enhance the diffusion, thermal and mechanical properties.


Below are some of the additives and their effects:

Anti-Dust Facilitate the removal of dust, soil and dirt stuck on the outer film surface with rain or a simple wash.
Preventing the reduction of light transmitted through the greenhouse cover.




Reduce surface tension of condensing water vapor, so that condensation trickles down the plastic wall of the greenhouse film, preventing:

Damage and disease caused by water dripping blooms and leaves.

  • The need for pesticides
  • Scorching of plant leaves caused by sunlight on water drops
  • Reduction in light availability caused by water droplets on greenhouse film surface, resulting in earlier harvest and higher yield



This additive helps the absorption of infrared radiation and reduces the temperature loss at night.

Some features of this additive include:

  • Protection against freeze and low temperature
  • Significant energy savings
  • Earlier harvest, higher yield and better quality and uniformity of crops
  • Reduced evapotranspiration, which maintains taste and product quality

Reduces internal temperature during the day by blocking the near infrared rays (NIR) entering the greenhouse, and prevents

temperature loss during the night by creating a barrier to the far infrared radiation (FIR) leaving the greenhouse.

EVA Copolymer

By adding EVA copolymer, the greenhouse film will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Increase in transparency due to a reduction in crystalline patterns.
  • Enhancement in mechanical and thermal properties of the film.
  • Improvement in film flexibility and durability.
  • Increase the film heat resistance on metallic

greenhouse structure (frame).

Light Diffusion


Breaks sun radiation into a multitude of rays, optimizing the even spread of light within the greenhouses, therefore:

  • Increases efficiency of photosynthesis
  • Decreases phototropism
  • Decreases potential sunburn of blooms and Leaves
  • Decreases the plants self-shading



This material is the most widely used additive in agriculture films.

UV stabilizers are added to protect different polymers against UV radiation. Therefore, this additive increases the lifetime of the film:

  • Protection of greenhouse films up to 5 years against the sunlight and atmospheric destructive elements
  • Stimulate the pollination of insects and bees

Based on the atmospheric conditions, geographical environment, required lifetime and the greenhouse film thickness, specific type and amount of UV additive will be used.

Disease Control Filter

This additive blocks UV sun rays (up to 380 nm) causing:

  • Insects to lose visual ability inside greenhouses, preventing viral, fungal diseases and crop damage caused by white flies, aphids, red spiders, leaf miners, thrips and other insects.
  • Substantial decrease in using agricultural pesticides.

It should be noted that disease control films should not be used in greenhouses requiring insect pollination.


Irrigation Roll (Watering Pipe)

Irrigation roll or watering pipe is a multilayer seamless PE film that is produced of LDPE, HDPE, UV-Stabilizer, etc.

Greenhouse Films

Greenhouse is a safe environment for protecting and growing plants without any harm and obstacles.

Greenhouse Thermal Sheet

The purpose of using Greenhouse Thermal Sheet is to preserve heat generated by the sunlight and prevent heat loss …

Low Tunnel Film

Low tunnel films are used for short duration cultivations such as watermelon, melons, strawberries…

Mulch Film

Nowadays the use of plastic mulch film in agriculture is increasing to improve cultivation and optimize plant growth…

Soil Disinfection Film

In some areas, for cultivating shallow roots such as strawberries, Soil Solarization…

Vineyard Cover

Plastic films for covering vineyards; regular or thermal PE covers used for protecting grapevine against …

Banana Bunch Cover

Blue PE bags used for banana cultivation to improve bananas’ quality, appearance and…