PVC hose

PVC hose

شیلنگ های پی وی سی

PlasticKar has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality, durable and resistant PVC hoses since establishment and has been exporting this product to many countries including Germany, Albania, Italy, Cuba, UAE, Iraq, Kazakhstan, etc.

PlasticKar hoses are produced from the finest raw materials applicable in Water supply, Irrigation, Western and Center-pivot Irrigation, Firefighting in Buildings, Livestock Milking Machines, Air Conditioner, and other industrial purposes.

Quality control is carried out in accordance with standards, which has supported us in receiving CE certificate.

Features of our hoses:

  • Inner diameter from 3 to 50 mm (0.1 to 2 inches)
  • Single and multi-layer
  • Reinforced and robust
  • Various designs, colors and packaging
  • Highly flexible
  • Resistant to the environmental conditions and UV
  • Braided with Polyester Yarns


What Is A PVC Hose?

A PVC hose is made of a thermoplastic material called polyvinyl chloride. PVC weighs less than rubber and has a lower price. The special features of PVC have made these types of hoses to be widely used since 1960. In general, PVC hoses are designed and produced in two ways, transparent and opaque. In this article, we are going to review the specifications of PVC hoses and the

PVC Hose Exporter
PVC Hose Exporter

most prestigious Iran PVC hose exporter.

Applications of PVC Hoses

PVC hoses are made to transfer liquids and all kinds of fluids. But they are mostly used in houses for water transfer. Because these hoses are used in industrial and non-industrial sectors, they are produced in various models as well as different applications. Some types of PVC hoses are used in industry to transfer and move liquids.

The use of PVC hoses in the agricultural sector is also very high and they are used to irrigate agricultural lands. Another use of PVC hoses is in fire departments and for fire extinguishing. Of course, it is noteworthy that according to the application of these hoses in each field, they are divided into different types. PlasticKar as a prominent PVC hose exporter produces a

diverse range of these hoses.

Advantages of PlasticKar PVC Hose

PVC hoses became more diverse over time and many designs were implemented on them. One of the advantages of PVC hose is its relatively lightweight, which is due to its special chemical texture. In the following, we point out other benefits PlasticKar offers as an Iranian PVC hose exporter:

  • Resistance: The resistance of PVC hoses against rotting, and cracking due to chemical stress, impact and shock, water, wear, and resistance to shrinkage is very good. These features have increased the durability and reliability of these hoses
  • Flexibility: PVC hoses maintain their strength and flexibility with temperature changes up to -45 degrees Celsius. This feature increases the reliability of these types of hoses
  • Flow: The unique feature of PVC hose reduces the risk of blockage of the hose and if there are conditions for visual monitoring of the hose, transparent PVC hoses provide the capability to control the liquid flow
  • Diversity: The raw material for making PVC hoses can be formed in different forms. Therefore, this product has a lot of variety. Even according to the user’s needs, it can be made completely transparent, semi-transparent, or fully colored
  • Security: PVC hoses meet all international health and safety standards. This feature is very useful for medical, food, and beverage applications – being odorless and tasteless
  • Stability: no change in its properties is observed during fluid transfer with PVC hose. Also, its raw material is a non-toxic and ineffective polymer. Therefore, PVC hoses are stable, which is a very suitable option for transferring fluids
  • Cheap price: PVC hose is durable and requires little maintenance. However, it has a more reasonable price than rubber hoses, and for this reason, this type of hose is the number one choice of many industries

Types of PlasticKar PVC Hose

In a general classification, PVC hoses have two types, opaque and transparent. Also, in terms of application, PVC hoses are divided into different types, which we will discuss below. It should be noted that PlasticKar, as the leading PVC hose exporter, produces all these types:

  • PVC agricultural hose
  • PVC suction hose
  • Soft PVC suction hose
  • PVC spray hose
  • Transparent PVC hose
  • Reinforced hoses: There are also woven PVC hoses in different colors, which can be chosen depending on the user’s needs
  • PVC hose reinforced with PS Yarn

Technical Specifications of PVC Hoses

PlasticKar hoses, including PVC hoses, are produced and marketed from the best raw materials for water supply, agriculture, gardening, center pivot irrigation, coolers, fire extinguishing in buildings, and animal husbandry. When buying a PVC hose, you need to pay attention to its specifications. The technical specifications of PVC hoses include maximum working pressure, burst pressure, and weight (kilograms per meter). Other specifications of plasticKar export hoses are:

  • Inner diameter: from 3 to 50 mm (0.1 to 2 inches)
  • Single-layer and multilayer
  • Reinforced and compressed
  • Variety in color, design, and packaging
  • High flexibility
  • Resistance to environmental conditions and ultraviolet rays
  • Reinforced with polyester thread

About PlasticKar, the Leading Iranian PVC Exporter

PVC hose is one of the most common thermoplastic polymers worldwide due to its good properties. Also, PVC hose is widely used for garden irrigation and car washing, home cleaning, parks, factories, and other uses.

PlasticKar, a pioneer manufacturer and PVC hose exporter, supplies a variety of polymer products in two groups, polyethylene, and PVC, by international standards. It is proud to be a trusted business partner of customers.

Since the establishment of PlasticKar in 1988 by Hoshang Parsa, supplying the domestic market, expanding exports, improving quality, developing products and satisfying customers have been the main activities of PlasticKar.

In the shadow of the efforts of efficient engineers and managers, experts and experienced workers, the large family of plasticKar, in addition to supplying the domestic market, has succeeded in entering the global market and exporting to more than 17 countries including Germany, Albania, Italy, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Kazakhstan. PlasticKar is also in the first position of Iran’s exports and has won the title of national and provincial model exporter in consecutive years.

Obtaining the CE certificate (European Product Conformity) has enabled quality control, quality production, and maintaining and improving the quality of hoses for plasticKar. By benefiting from innovation and modern knowledge, we have combined services and products in an effective process and have tried to support our customers in most domestic and foreign target markets and industries to meet current and future needs.


Our Mission at PlasticKar

PlasticKar has a mission to take a different step towards sustainable production every day with a stronger, faster, more creative movement than the previous day, and by developing its capabilities. Undoubtedly, the satisfaction of customers around the world is the best way to our success.

Buy the best PVC hose from Iran

One of the best-selling types of hoses in the market is PVC hose. Due to the wide variety of uses of these hoses, the demand for buying them in the market is very high. Buying Iran PVC hose can be a very suitable option for you. Because you can buy the highest quality PVC hose models at a very reasonable price from Iran. In this article from PlasticKar, you will learn about PVC hose and the benefits of buying it from us.

Iran PVC hose
Iran PVC hose

What is a PVC hose?

Rubber has been replaced by polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a thermoplastic polymer created by the polymerization of vinyl chloride, in many applications. In comparison to most other polymers, it is lighter, cheaper, and contains less petroleum. PVC hose is a type of PVC-made tubing. PVC hose first gained popularity in the 1960s and is now widely used in household goods, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and the food industry.

Applications of PVC hose

PVC hoses come in a variety of styles, including suction, lay-flat, steel braided, and rubber-lined fire hoses. These hoses can be found inside the house in the kitchen sink, handheld showerheads in the bathrooms, and in the backyard.

PVC hoses are essential to the functioning of your engine and can be found here if you go outside to your car. To prevent oil from blowing out a seal, the crankcase has a pressure vent made of a PVC hose. To irrigate fields and spray crops with pesticides and fertilizers, farmers use PVC hoses with screw suction and steel suction. Additionally, they transfer grain, flour, and even gas and fuel

using it. PVC hydraulic hoses are used on machinery in manufacturing facilities for industrial applications.

Advantages of PVC hose

Before introducing the best PVC hose manufacturer in Iran, we need to learn more about the advantages of these practical hoses. In general, high resistance, flexibility, reasonable price, and safety are the most important advantages of PVC hoses. In the following, we will get to know more about these benefits.

Very high resistance

PVC’s resilient qualities in various ways increase its dependability and durability. First off, it has very strong chemical resistance properties that protect it from chemical corrosion and chemical stress cracking. It is also water resistant, which contributes to its suitability for preserving sterility in solutions and for making it safe for food. Second, PVC has excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. It is a robust and dependable option for all kinds of applications because it is resistant to rotting, shock, and weathering.


PVC hoses are flexible

PVC tubes and hoses have dependable flexibility, strength, and durability even in varying temperatures and environmental conditions thanks to the rubber-like flexibility of PVC. It can still be used while remaining strong and flexible at temperatures as low as -45°C.

Ability to observe the flow inside the hose

If your line of work requires you to be able to see the contents flowing through your tube or hose, PVC is the perfect material. PVC can be produced easily and is completely transparent thanks to its physical characteristics. PVC also has excellent flow characteristics, lowering the possibility of obstructions.

High versatility

PVC has one of the broadest uses of any type of plastic material due to the abundance of unique formulations and construction options that are available when it comes to its manufacture. It has a wide range of uses in a variety of industries, from the medical to the industrial and chemical, including fluid transfer, chemical processing, air and gas supply, and engine fuel lines. Its customizability contributes to its versatility as well. PVC is a thermoplastic substance that can be molded into a wide range of shapes, making it the perfect material for hose and tube construction. Depending on the requirements of your application, it can also be produced to be completely clear, tinted, or even solidly colored.

PVC products in Iran
PVC products in Iran

PVC hoses are safe

It has been established that PVC satisfies all international standards for health and safety for the goods and applications for which it is used. PVC is the world’s most extensively studied and tested plastic. Due to its odourlessness and tastelessness, which are particularly relevant for food and beverage applications, it is particularly useful for medical applications.

The stability of PVC is high

PVC is an inert, non-toxic polymer that is a stable substance. As a result, it does not significantly change in composition or properties when conveying a variety of liquids, making it a very safe and dependable option for the majority of applications.

Who is the best manufacturer of PVC hose in Iran?

Many Iranian companies are active in the production of PVC hoses. But among all these companies, only some brands produce high-quality products, and PlasticKar is one of them. We at PlasticKar, with more than three decades of experience in the field of producing polymer products, are one of the largest producers of PVC hoses. If you intend to buy PVC hose from Iran, choosing our products can be the best option for you. In the following, we will get to know the benefits of buying PVC hose from PlasticKar Company.

reasonable price

One of the most important advantages of buying PVC hose from PlasticKar an active company in Iran is the very reasonable price of our products. You can buy all kinds of PV hoses at a very reasonable price from our collection and sell them in your country at a very high profit.

High Quality

Despite the very reasonable price of PVC plastic hoses, we use the highest quality raw materials in the manufacture of our products. In fact, all our products have international standards and approvals and sell very well in the domestic market of Iran and more than 17 countries around the world. For this reason, you can rest easy about the quality of our PVC hoses.

High variety of PVC hoses

Another advantage of buying PVC hose from Iran and PlasticKar Company is the high variety of our products. You can buy all kinds of PVC hose models at a very reasonable price and with exemplary quality from the PlasticKar collection. From ordinary irrigation hoses to professional hoses used in agriculture and mechanized irrigation.

Export to more than 17 countries

PlasticKar company’s products are currently exported to more than 17 countries in the world in addition to being sold in the domestic market of Iran. This shows our good record and reputation in international markets. So, if you intend to buy PVC hose from Iran, we suggest you choose our company’s products.

To buy PVC hose from Iran, choose PlasticKar

For more than three decades, PlasticKar Company has been operating in the field of producing polymer products, including PVC hoses. High quality, reasonable price, delivery of orders on time, etc., are all our characteristics. By purchasing PVC hoses from our collection, you will definitely have an unrepeatable experience and you can import high-quality products to the market of your country.