Banana Bunch Cover

Banana Bunch Cover

Blue PE bags used for banana cultivation to improve bananas’ quality, appearance and protection from birds and pests.

Based on the customer’s request, it can be produced in rolls.

Product Name Banana Bunch Cover
Other Names Banana Ripening Bags, Banana Preservation Blue Sacks
Application Banana cultivation
  • Allowing faster harvest
  • Allowing adequate ripening of the banana
  • Improving the quality and appearance of the fruit
  • Protecting from external ambient conditions (wind, rain, sun)
  • Preventing the peel from injuries (marks and scratches)
  • Preventing birds, insects & pests from touching and damaging the frui
Thickness Typically, from 20 to 45 microns
(based on the customer’s  request)
Width Based on the customer’s  request
Length Based on the customer’s  request
Color Blue
Packaging Rolls wrapped with PE film, inner core diameter is 76 mm, the core could be further supported by plastic lids on both ends of the roll.
If produced in form of sacks, the packaging will be in bulk, packed in 10 or 20kg PE bags. Otherwise, the  packaging will be based on the customer’s  request.


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