greenhouse film in Iran | Who is the best manufacturer?

The quality of greenhouse film in Iran

Young plants can suffer greatly at the hands of some elements. In temperate climates, tropical plants need a particular microclimate to flourish. These are just two of the numerous benefits greenhouses offer to gardeners. Plants can grow unhindered in controlled, protected environments thanks to greenhouses. A type of plastic covering called greenhouse film is used to protect the plants inside a greenhouse from the outside environment. greenhouse film in Iran has been produced with very high quality in recent years. Many other countries use the products of Iranian companies active in this field.

Traditional greenhouses use glass coverings to preserve moisture and humidity while letting light in and keeping chilly winds out. To accomplish the same result, greenhouse plastic can be used to build contemporary greenhouses. Compared to conventional glass coverings, greenhouse film is cheaper, easier to replace, and lighter. In this article, we introduce the best producer of greenhouse films in Iran.

greenhouse film in Iran
greenhouse film in Iran

What is greenhouse film?

Polyethylene, is most common plastic used to cover the roof and/or sides of a greenhouse is referred to as “greenhouse film.” Given that there are numerous types of plastic that can be used to cover a greenhouse, it is a general term. Compared to “greenhouse film,” the term “greenhouse plastic” or “Greenhouse Sheet” are more inclusive.

Advantages of using greenhouse film made in Iran

As mentioned, the quality of greenhouse film in Iran is high and many farmers use the greenhouse film of Iranian companies. The use of greenhouse film made in Iran has many advantages, which we will get to know about in the following.

Outstanding Insulation

In comparison to glass sheets, clear greenhouse film, especially those made of polycarbonate, insulates plants more effectively because they hold onto heat better and experience less heat loss. Additionally, Iranian-made greenhouse films can typically withstand average temperatures much better than other types of sheet materials, which means they are less likely to break, ultimately saving you money.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting, And Safer

greenhouse film made in Iran is safer, especially in areas with harsh weather or where sporting events take place (flying footballs won’t shatter your plastic sheets! ), and more durable because it is flexible rather than brittle like glass. However, because glass is heavy and expensive to replace and breaks easily under pressure, all it takes to cause significant damage is a hailstorm or a heatwave.

The only drawback is that some greenhouse films can be fragile and may tear. Additionally, multiple layers might be necessary to provide the same level of protection as glass. In addition to looking less appealing than glass, plastic can eventually take on an unsightly yellow hue.

Plastickar is the best manufacturer of greenhouse film in Iran
Plastickar is the best manufacturer of greenhouse film in Iran

Simple to Use and Low Maintenance

Compared to a glass greenhouse, a plastic one is lighter and simpler, making it much simpler to handle and install. Additionally, because greenhouse films are so flexible, they can withstand more damage and wear and tear, resulting in less frequent replacement. In addition, if you have the right measurements, replacing greenhouse films is simple. Glass sheets, on the other hand, are more challenging to replace and typically require pricey professional installation due to how challenging it is to install them without causing damage.

High UV Protection And Effective Light Diffusion

As a greenhouse owner, it is your responsibility to achieve the proper balance of sunlight for your plants so they don’t become sick and die. Because they are clear, incredibly strong, and weather-resistant while offering more effective light diffusion and UV protection than glass, greenhouse film made in Iran is a great solution to ensure adequate sunlight while also providing protection. Furthermore, it is believed that greenhouse films provide greater radiation defense due to the UV treatment of the material, which also enables the manipulation of sun wavelengths to enhance plant growth.

Low Costs

Plastic greenhouse films are less expensive than glass sheets and require less upkeep. They also eliminate the need for artificial lighting, saving you money on your electric bills and providing a better option for those who value the environment and care about their plants. Greenhouse film also eliminates the need to laboriously move plants to different areas of your greenhouse to shield them from the glaring sun. This is due to the fact that greenhouse film shields plants from dangerous ultraviolet rays, preventing radiation burns. We can always use mini greenhouses for smaller spaces.

increased growing season

For those who want to grow and/or sell fruit and vegetables in more  seasons, greenhouse films are ideal for the year-round production of plants and produce. Naturally, extending your growing season might necessitate more heating in the winter, but you won’t need as much because greenhouse films are more effective insulators than glass. In other words, improved insulation will result in lower energy costs for you as well as increased plant and produce yield all year long.

greenhouse film
greenhouse film

Why is PlasticKar the best producer of greenhouse film in Iran?

PlasticKar company is one of the largest producers of greenhouse film in Iran. Our company has more than three decades of experience in this field and has always been able to produce the best greenhouse film in the market. Plastikar delivers all the orders of its customers on time and always uses high-quality raw materials to produce greenhouse films. All the products of our company are produced according to international standards and are of very high quality. Also, you can buy our produced greenhouse film at a much more reasonable price than European and American samples.

The greenhouse film can greatly increase your productivity

There are other applications for greenhouse film besides greenhouses. The sturdy plastic is used to focus light on delicate seedlings greenhouse. To protect plants from scorching in the event of an approaching frost, greenhouse plastic can be layered over them. So, if you intend to buy greenhouse film in Iran, we suggest you buy the products you need from PlasticKar. Contact our experts to find out about the order registration conditions and to learn about the order delivery process.