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فیلم های کشاورزی

Agricultural films

The usage of plastics in the agriculture industry is growing every day. PlasticKar is one of the leading manufacturers of agriculture films in Iran, which has been producing and supplying a wide range of Agriculture Films and Bags for many years. These films are produced in various width …

فیلم های بسته بندی

Industrial and Packaging Films

Utilizing single and multi-layer (co-extrusion) film production technology as well as flexographic printing (up to 6 colors), PlasticKar produces and supplies various types of Industrial and Packaging Films from 10 CM to 10 meter in width, applicable to several industries including food and beverage …

فیلم های ساختمانی

Construction films

PE Films are widely used in construction and building industries such as: 1- Wide PE filmfor general purpose. 2- Polyethylene Encasement (Tubular PE Protection) which are used in construction industries to protect underground pipes in corrosive soils. 3- Foundation film or concrete films …

کیسه های کشاورزی

Agricultural Bags

The application of plastics in the agriculture industry is growing every day. PlasticKar is one of the leading manufacturers of agriculture films in Iran. Agriculture bags are produced in various width and thickness using different polymeric compounds based on their application. By using a variety of …

کیسه های صنعتی و بسته بندی

Industrial and Packaging Bags

PE bags are used in various industries for packaging purposes. Some properties of PE films including low volume, transparency, flexibility, the ability to produce in different size, thickness and color, the ability to be printed as well as suitable sewing, which have increased the consumption of …

فیلم و کیسه های فروشگاهی

Shopping bags and films

PlasticKar produces many types of advertising and shopping bags, disposable tablecloth, freezer bags and garbage bags, mainly supplied in bulk, to meet the requirements of export markets. Benefiting from our manufacturing, sewing and printing facilities, as well as flexible packaging in …

شیلنگ های پی وی سی

PVC hose

PlasticKar has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality, durable and resistant PVC hoses since establishment and has been exporting this product to many countries including Germany, Albania, Italy, Cuba, UAE, Iraq, Kazakhstan, etc. PlasticKar hoses are produced from the finest …

کامپاندها و مستربچ های پلی اتیلن

PE Compound & MB

Benefiting from compounding technology, PlasticKar factory manufactures various kinds of polymeric compounds based on PE and PVC polymers. PE compounds made by PlasticKar mainly used for PE bags and films, blow mold and injection mold products based on LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE or …

گرانول های پی وی سی

PVC granules

Granules are materials that their dimensions are less than 3 x 3 mm. Granules refer to the appearance of the polymer and one of the most important types of polymers is PVC granule. PVC granule is a material consisting of PVC resin, plasticizer, minerals and required additives that is produced …

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PlasticKar, the leading manufacturer and exporter in Iranian plastic industry, produces PE and PVC products in accordance with international standards and is proud to be your trusted business partner. Since establishment in 1988 by Houshang Parsa …

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استاندارد شیلنگ گرمانرم در ایران

PlasticKar is the first standard holder of thermoplastic hose in Iran

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PlasticKar Factory Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the polymer and plastic industry. This company was registered in 1988 in order to create production and commercial units in the capable hands of Houshang Parsa in Tehran and its activity in two production groups of PVC and polyethylene (PE) products with a capacity of 40,000 tons per year, in Eshtehard industrial town started.

I believe that globalization is a risky process filled with opportunities. Hopefully with the contribution of our prominent customers, suppliers, shareholders and colleagues who are valuable members of PlasticKar, and through continuous quality improvement, we would be able to step forward more efficient, dynamic and powerful than before in order to enhance productivity, export and industrial growth.

Houshang Parsa

PlasticKar’s mission is to make constant progress towards sustainable production by taking stronger, faster and more creative steps and through developing its capabilities.

At PlasticKar, we produce and supply our products from the highest quality raw materials, with expert forces and rich scientific, technical and experimental support.
The company’s production lines are always evaluated by the quality control unit to control the input items, the product during production and the final product.


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