Wide PE Film (Nylon)

Wide PE Film (Nylon)

Wide Film is referred to PE films which are produced in widths from 1 to 10 meters, and are used for variety of applications.

Typical applications of this film includes: industrial workshops, construction projects, temporary packing of furniture and appliances, bedding for fruit and vegetable markets, protecting trees against freeze and covering the load (under and over) in trucks and train wagons to prevent dust, rain and moisture penetration.

Based on the customer’s request we are able to manufacture this films in the forms of, Single layer (flat) up to 420 cm wide, Double layer tubing (sleeve) up to 840 cm wide, Double layer slit tubing (semi-sleeve) and Double layer center slit tubing (unfolded). We also have the ability to produce gusseted rolls up to 10 meters in width.
The roll types are illustrated in the following figure:


Product Name Wide Film (Nylon)
Other Names Wide Nylon,, Nylon PE Film
  • Industrial workshops
  • Construction projects
  • Temporary packing of furniture and appliances
  • Bedding for fruit and vegetable markets
  • Protecting trees against freezing
  • Covering the load (under and over) in trucks and train wagons to prevent dust, rain and moisture penetration
  • Covering the furniture and appliances before painting the house or office
  • Flexible, strong and durable
  • Prevention of moisture penetration
  • Prevention of dust penetration
  • Highly recyclabl
Thickness Typically, 80 to 300 microns
(based on the customer’s request)
Width Typically, 1 to 10 meters
(based on the customer’s request)
Color Transparent, Lime, etc.
(based on the customer’s request)
Packaging Rolls wrapped with PE film, inner core diameter is 76 mm, the core could be further supported by plastic lids on both ends of the roll.


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