Plastic Grow Bag

Plastic Grow Bag

Plastic grow bags are often used to grow plants with roots of low depth. Considering that these bags occupy a small space, they are mostly used in balconies and small gardens. If required, UV additive is used to increase the plastic bag lifetime.

There are different sizes for plastic grow bags, which are usually ordered by gardeners according to their needs. Dimensional difference of these bags varies from 1 to 15 gallons.


Product Name Plastic Grow Bag
Other Names Nursery Bag, Plant Sack, etc.
  • Growing plants in small or large spaces such as balconies, gardens, etc.
  • Possibility of planting seedlings inside sacks
  • Applicable for planting Potato, eggplant, tomato, carrot, pepper and …
  • Lower cost compared to plastic plant pots
  • Easily transported
  • Simply recyclable
  • Less space occupied than rigid plant pots
  • High durability
  • Available in customized size and color, based on the customer’s request.
  • Keeps insects away from the plants
  • More oxygen Absorption
  • Providing more contact surface for the plant to absorb water and minerals
  • Saving Water
  • Ease of combating weeds
  • Ability to print name and logo on the bag according to customer’s request
  • Reflection of light on the white side of the bag and better growth of the crop
Dimensions and Thickness
Gallon Width
Thickness (Microns)
1 14+(6.5+6.5) 19 100
3 19+(8+8) 33 100
5 23+(10+10) 42 100
7 24+(11.5+11.5) 46 100
10 35+(15+15) 37 200
15 40+(17+17) 56 56
  • (Dimension can be customized based on the customer’s request)
  • Black
  • White/Black
Additives Anti UV
Print Based on the customer’s request
Perforation Usually two holes are created on each side.
(or modified based on the customer’s request)
Packaging Packed in 10 or 20 kg PE bags, in bulk.
Otherwise, the packaging will be based on the customer’s  request.


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