Low Tunnel Film

Low Tunnel Film

Low tunnel films are used for short duration cultivations such as watermelon, melons, strawberries, and other crops.
Lower tunnels have a semi-circular structure that facilitates the absorption of sun rays, and protects crops from environmental damage and insects. On the other hand, it reduces the night and day temperature variations. It also minimizes water loss.

Product Name Low Tunnel Film
Other Names


Crop Cover, Mini Tunnel Film, Low Tunnel Greenhouse Film, Mini Greenhouses Film, Low Loop Films
  • Cultivation of watermelon, melons, strawberries, etc.
  • Protecting plants against storms.
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Maintaining soil temperature
  • Increasing nutrient intake by plants
  • Temperature optimization for plant growth
  • Protecting plants against climate aggressions
  • Suitable for cultivation during winter
  • Recyclabl
  • Anti-fog
  • Light diffusion
  • IR
  • EVA co-polymer
  • UV stabilizer
Thickness Typically, from 50 to 100 microns
(based on the customer’s request)
Width Typically, from 1 to 6 meters
(based on the customer’s request)
Color Transparent / Lime/ Green
Packaging Rolls wrapped with PE film, inner core diameter is 76 mm, the core could be further supported by plastic lids on both ends of the roll


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