Bitumen Polybag

Bitumen Polybag

Bitumen is supplied to the market in different forms. For domestic markets, bitumen tanks are usually used, while for export purposes, depending on the type of bitumen, different types of drum packaging, polybag or Bitubag are used.

Polybag or Bitubag is a new and environmentally friendly product that is used for packaging different grades of bitumen with the advantage of easy transport and handle.

To use this product, the liquid bitumen is filled at a suitable temperature (lower than the bag’s melting point and higher than bitumen’s softening temperature) into a polybag that is made of polyethylene, and after cooling, bitumen becomes hard and solid which is easier for shipping.

The packed bitumen is then put into special pools and heated to the melting point. Since the bags are melted along with liquid bitumen in this method, it prevents loss of bitumen, reduces costs, saves time and energy. It should be noted that adding polyethylene to bitumen will increase the softening point and reduce the permeability of bitumen.

Based on the consumer’s requirement, these bags are produced in smaller sizes for packing 40 to 50 kg of bitumen or in larger sizes as jumbo bags for packing 300 kg or 1000 kg.


Product Name Bitumen Polybag
Other Names Polybag, Bitubag
Application Packaging and shipment of bitumen
  • Reducing losses due to product warming during transfer of bitumen containers
  • Cost savings compared to other packaging methods
  • Optimal use of shipping space
  • Reducing the cost of heating the product
  • Eliminating the cost of recycle and disposal of drums and other waste resulting from bitumen shipment
  • Using PE film as an allowed additive which enhances the quality of bitumen
  • Easy delivery to the final destination due to low weight and flexible packaging
  • Possibility of capillary distribution for building material suppliers
  • Possibility of packaging in different weights and sizes
  • Possibility of printing logos on the bag
  • Environmentally friendl
Thickness Typically, 80 to 200 microns
(based on the customer’s  request)
  • Small Size: For 40-50 KG packs.
  • Large Size as Liner of Jumbo bags: for 300 KG or 1000 KG Packs.

(Based on the customer’s  request)

Melting Point
  • 125 to 140 °C
Color Transparent
(or based on the customer’s request)
Packaging In bulk.
In some cases customers buy in rolls and sewing part would be done in their production units.


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