About Us

About Us

PlasticKar, the leading manufacturer and exporter in Iranian plastic industry, produces PE and PVC products in accordance with international standards and is proud to be your trusted business partner.

Since establishment in 1988 by Houshang Parsa; fulfilling the demand of domestic market, export development, quality improvement, and customer satisfaction have been the main targets of PlasticKar.

Thanks to great endeavor of our engineers, experts and experienced workers, today the big family of PlasticKar is able to export its products to more than 17 countries and honored to be the National and Provincial exemplary exporter for consecutive years.

Benefiting from innovation and knowledge, we have integrated our products and services to develop an effective platform, in order to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Without a doubt, our success is through your satisfaction.

Mission Statement

PlasticKar’s mission is to make constant progress towards sustainable production by taking stronger, faster and more creative steps and through developing its capabilities.

Forward to the plastickar with

Universal name

Global productions

World Thought

CEO's Message:

I believe that globalization is a risky process filled with opportunities. Hopefully with the contribution of our prominent customers, suppliers, shareholders and colleagues who are valuable members of PlasticKar, and through continuous quality improvement, we would be able to step forward more efficient, dynamic and powerful than before in order to enhance productivity, export and industrial growth.

I also believe that by manufacturing competitive products and benefiting from technical knowledge, PlasticKar could be the shining star of plastic industry.

We hope that PlasticKar’s brand, production, ideas and desires remain global.