PE Compound and MB

PE Compound & MB

کامپاندها و مستربچ های پلی اتیلن

Benefiting from compounding technology, PlasticKar factory manufactures various kinds of polymeric compounds based on PE and PVC polymers.
PE compounds made by PlasticKar mainly used for PE bags and films, blow mold and injection mold products based on LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE or a combination of them.

These compounds are divided in two categories by PlasticKar:

1- PE compounds
2- Filler Master batches (Hi-Cal)


PE compounds

PE compounds are a combination of ‘PE and CaCO3’ and are mainly used for PE bags…

Filler Masterbatches (Hi-Cal)

HiCal is the commercial name of a polymeric compound produced from PE, CaCO3 and…