Mulch Film

Mulch Film

Nowadays the use of plastic mulch film in agriculture is increasing to improve cultivation and optimize plant growth. Plastic mulch film is made of Polyethylene which is used in crop cultivation. Its main features are the prevention of weeds from growing, maintaining and increasing soil temperature, preventing evaporation and loss of water.
More specialized mulches can be used to accelerate and improve plant growth and disposal of insects and pests.
It is also used as an insulation between plant and soil to avoid the contact of the fruit with the soil, which prevents moisture penetration into fruit and significantly decreases fruit decay due to plant sensitivity to disease, mold and fungus.

PlasticKar is able to create punches on the film if required by the customer.

Product Name Mulch Film
Other Names Reflection Film, Mulch Plastic, Agriculture Mulch, Hydroponic Reflective Covers
  • Maximizing light reflection
  • Preventing weed growth
  • Disposal of insects
  • Maintaining soil moisture and heat
  • Expediting planting time
  • Reducing fertilizer leach-out
  • Improving product quality
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Reducing damage to the roots
  • Easy to use
  • Recyclabl
Thickness Typically 20 to 100 microns
(based on the customer’s  request)
Width Typically, 50 cm to 6 meters
(based on the customer’s  request)
Packaging Rolls wrapped with PE film, inner core diameter is 76 mm, the core could be further supported by plastic lids on both ends of the roll
Color Brown

  • Allows the heat to pass and warm-up the soil during daytime
  • Reduces heat losses during night
  • Adequate opacity to prevent weed growth


  • Attracts certain insects (such as the whitefly) on its surface and prevents damages on the plants


  • Combines the benefits of yellow and brown film

Green translucent

  • Adequate weed control and at the same time
  • Proper light transmission and soil heat preservation


  • prevents weed growth
  • Light reflection by the silver repels insects and protects the plants from viruses
  • Reflection of light brings freshness to the color of red fruits


  • Ensures perfect weed control
  • Light reflection by the white side
  • Increases the useful light received by plants


  • Strengthening the root and speed of the harvest time
  • Reducing climate effects on growing crops
  • Crop visibility
  • Suitable for cucurbits
  • Suitable for cold weather


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