Industrial and Packaging Films

Industrial and Packaging Films

فیلم های بسته بندی

Utilizing single and multi-layer (co-extrusion) film production technology as well as flexographic printing (up to 6 colors), PlasticKar produces and supplies various types of Industrial and Packaging Films from 10 CM to 10 meter in width, applicable to several industries including food and beverage, ceramic and tiles, household appliances, construction materials, etc.

Features of PlasticKar’ s PE Films:

  • High tensile strength
  • High mechanical strength
  • Applicable at high temperatures
  • Anti-static or Anti-bacterial

(According to the customer’s need)

PlasticKar’ s Industrial Films:

  • PE Shrink Films
  • Shrink Hood Films
  • PE Stretch Film (Wrap)
  • PE Roll (Tubing/Sleeve)


PE Shrink Film

Shrink Film is a transparent plastic cover that is used with a heat shrink machine for…

Shrink Hood Film

This plain or printed film with thermal resistance, tear resistance, high shrinkage strength…

فیلم های بسته بندی

PE Stretch Film

Stretch Film is the commonly used name for a multi-layered polyethylene film…

PE Roll (Tubing – Sleeve)

This product, since it is produced as a tube, is often used for packing various types of…