what type of film is stretch film

what type of film is stretch film

  • First of all, we are going to examine stretch film and the question of what stretch film is and what features it can have! Stretch film is known as product packaging stretch; nylon stretch film is used in most cases to package and secure products on pallets. Packaging rolls are usually produced from polymer materials; this packaging model soon found a special place in various industries.

    Stretch film

    Stretch film is a very elastic plastic film usually made of LLDPE polyethylene wrapped around items for packaging. Today, in this commercial industry, packaging films are used to package many items. The elastic strength and high adhesion of this coating is the main factor in keeping the devices that have high resistance against impact and tearing. In addition, these films have high resistance to moisture and chemicals. Stretch films are available in colour, transparent, and very light in weight.

    Plastic films are designed and manufactured following the standards and guidelines set by this industry. Regarding product protection, or if we will move products and goods safely and securely during transportation, we use packaging stretchers. Also, the ease of packaging and strength of these products are acceptable.

    What are the characteristics of the high-quality stretch film?

    The production of stretch nylon or stretch film uses advanced and equipped devices, so the product has good elasticity and high transparency. In addition, producing high-quality stretch films and devices largely depends on the quality of the raw materials. Some of the things that you should pay attention to when buying stretch nylon are as follows;

    The thickness of stretch film: The thickness of the stretch film is usually between 10 and 50 microns, and when buying, you should choose the desired thickness according to the type of function you expect from it. Naturally, the more layers of stretch film, the stronger and thicker it is.

    The elasticity of stretch film: High-quality stretch film must have proper elasticity. Despite this, it is better to choose the degree of elasticity of nylon according to the type of application you intend to use.

    The number of layers of stretch film: the number of layers of stretch film increases its strength and resistance. Despite this, the number of layers has nothing to do with the quality and material of the stretch film.

    Adhesion of stretch film: High-quality stretch film must have high adhesion to wrap well around the product and increase packaging strength.

    what type of film is stretch film
    what type of film is stretch film

    Advantages of stretch film

    Stretch film for safe transport packaging

    Stretch film secures lightweight products and heavy goods on pallets. The elasticity of the stretch film and the excellent adhesion of the stretch around the packaged product make the products to be integrated. Because stretch film is cost-effective and recyclable, it has been used in global logistics processes for years.

    Stretch films are available as machine films and hand films. For more safety during pallet transportation, you can also use pre-stretch.

    Packaging with stretch film in industries

    Stretch rolls are also used for packaging health products and medical supplies. Stretch film is considered a cheap and fully recyclable alternative for product packaging. Also, stretch film is suitable for packaging electronic equipment and cables. Using stretch in agriculture is one of the most common cases for packing and storing fodder.

    Also, stretch film is used in the automotive industry for packaging car parts. Another popular branch is the airport stretch. Airport stretch film is used for packing the bags and belongings of passengers. Using the airport stretcher ensures the passenger’s belongings are not damaged while moving from the origin to the destination. It also makes the items reach their destination healthy and clean.

    Types of stretch film

    Different types of packaging stretch films, each used for specific product packaging. For example:

    From nylon stretch pallet band: for packing all kinds of products and goods; It protects them in transit and keeps them fresh. Nylon stretch pallets are highly resistant to moisture and chemicals.

    Stretch fodder or silage: It is used by ranchers and farmers to pack animal fodder food, which protects it from the rotting and spoilage of animal fodder. Or more precisely, fodder stretch wrap is a type of nylon made of polyethylene, which is usually multi-layered and is used to prevent direct sunlight and increase the lifespan of fodder.

    What are the uses of stretch film?

    Nylon stretch, produced by plastic coating, has various applications in various fields and for industrial and commercial purposes. Like:

    For palletizing multiple products and goods in manufacturing industries and factories

    It is widely used for packaging bumper products, parts manufacturing and automobile manufacturing.

    It is used as a coating in the production industries of ceramics and decorative pieces.

    It is a suitable coating in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

    In the production of chemical solvents, dyes and adhesives and resins

    Application in the home and office sector for home and office furniture

    Application in kitchen appliances

    Application in toy products for children, such as doll making

    In the production of pipes and hoses

    In wallpaper, laminate and parquet

    In the production of polyester and wooden frames

    Do you know the benefits of the stretch film?

    Using stretch film in packaging has some advantages that you know about. For better understanding, we mention some of these benefits, which are:

    First, it prevents dust and pollution from entering the desired product.

    Second, it prevents the penetration of moisture.

    Third, it sticks to the product’s body and strengthens the packaging.

    The stretch has good resistance against tearing and punctures; Because the stretch factor in the stretch film is high and does not tear easily.

    The stretching property of stretch film makes it possible to pack several products and goods together without shaking and getting damaged.

    They are not very expensive and cause a significant reduction in packaging.

    The end

    The stretch film gives you the most cost-effective and high-quality packaging. So don’t hesitate to choose it for packing materials and large objects.

    If you have any experience in this field, share it with us and others.

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