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The stretch film is a safe way to package products

Stretch Film; a Necessity in All Industries

Many products of various industries may be damaged during transportation. Stretch films help to keep the load firmly in place and protect it from any possible damage. This has caused stretch films to become the most widely used type of packaging material. These elastic nylons are a simple yet effective solution for the proper packaging of products. In this article, we explore the features and advantages of a stretch film made by PlasticKar in Iran.

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film is a type of stretchy plastic wrap that is used for product packaging to keep the product firmly in place. Stretch films are similar to cellophane used in the kitchen, with the difference that the stretch films are heavy and have strong covers to keep the products in place.

stretch film in Iran
stretch film in Iran

This type of covering can be easily used on loads of different shapes and sizes. It is very quick and easy to open. Also, you can easily reduce the packaging volume as much as possible to save space. This wrapper is opened by hand and once opened, you can recycle it for reuse. The most common material for the stretch film is linear low-density polyethylene, which is produced by the copolymerization of ethylene with alpha-olefins.

Where Is Polyethylene Stretch Film Used?

Considering that stretch films are offered in the market with different layers, they can meet the expectations of different businesses for packaging different products. These polyethylene films are used in the packaging of food products, health products, agriculture, construction, and many other cases.

Because these stretch films are placed on the product, we use them when we intend to prevent even dirt and moisture from entering the product. One of the most important uses of stretch films is in transportation to very distant places. Due to the high resistance and efficiency of stretch films, it is rare for the products to get damaged.

Types of Stretch Film Made by PlasticKar in Iran

Stretch film comes in a variety of varieties to meet a wide range of packaging needs. For example, a stretch film with UV protection features chemical additives that neutralize light. In cases where wrapped items are outdoors and exposed to extreme weather and other environmental elements such as sunlight, these additives provide optimal protection. In a general classification, they can be divided into the following categories.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch films are used to package and protect products that need to be done using machinery. Of course, it should be said that these same machine-mounted machine stretch films also have different types.

Manual Stretch Film

This type of stretch film is used when we plan to pack products manually. The thickness of the manual stretch film is between 17 and 30 micrometers. The length and width of this stretch film are measured and cut with high precision.

Stretch Film
Stretch Film

What Are The Characteristics Of Polyethylene Stretch Film?

Among the very important features of polyethylene stretch films is that they are very strong. Besides this, they are also very flexible. On the other hand, they do not absorb moisture. For this reason, stretch films are very effective.

You might think that despite these advantages, stretch films have a high price, but they have a much lower price compared to similar items. You can order stretch films in different colors and sizes according to your needs, which is completely dependent on the customer’s needs.

Additionally, polyethylene stretch films can also be ordered with different thicknesses. For example, the stretch film used for food, the stretch film used in construction, and the one used for cars are completely different from each other. You can change the thickness and order the number of layers according to your needs. Due to all these facilities and features, polyethylene stretch films are very popular among different people. Other features of stretch polyethylene film are as follows:

  • Type: manual stretch and machine stretch
  • Applications: manual or machine packing of pallets, , easy packing of pallets using short and light rolls, and long-term protection of cargo
  • Increasing the strength of packaging for better security of transportation and storage of goods
  • Increasing warehouse inventory management
  • High puncture resistance due to the multilayer structure
  • High resolution for product inspection
  • Protection against slipping

Polyethylene Stretch Film Made By PlasticKar In Iran

Polyethylene stretch film is another type of stretch film that is available both manual and machine.

This type of film has unique features that make it suitable for specific applications, including guaranteeing the strength of the packaging to increase security and transportation and storage of goods, increasing security and inventory management, high resistance to puncture due to the multi-layer structure, high resolution for product inspection, UV protection, and anti-slip protection. Other features of Polyethylene Stretch film made by PalsticKar in Iran are as follows. It should be noted that all the parameters can be changed according to the customer’s request:

  • Thickness: 17 to 50 microns
  • Width: 45 to 200 cm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Roll packing: the inner diameter of the bobbin is 76 mm. It is also possible to pack in a carton and pack on a pallet according to the customer’s requirement
  • Length: 200 to 6000 meters
  • Stretch rate: 150 to 350%
stretch film made by PlasticKar in Iran
stretch film made by PlasticKar in Iran

Purchase the Best Stretch Film Made by PlasticKar in Iran

Are you looking for a better way to pack and protect your cargo? Packaging using stretch film is one of the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions. Thanks to their high stretchability, stretch films keep items tightly together to reduce unwanted movement and damage to goods during transit.

PlasticKar, a pioneer manufacturer and exporter in Iran with a history of more than three decades, has been active in the field of producing various types of polymer products in two groups, polyethylene, and PVC. The stretch film made by PlasticKar in Iran is competitive all over the middle-east. To know the technical specifications as well as the competitive prices of PlasticKar, just contact our experts.